Hitting it Out of The Park!

Posted by Richmond Hill Minor Softball Association on Oct 03 2018 at 06:37PM PDT in 2017/2018 Season

Here’s what families said about their child’s favourite part of the season and their coaches.

“Learning to play, interacting with the coach. The coach was engaging and made it fun!”

“She loved, loved, loved her team and coaches.”

“All coaches deserve recognition for their time and their commitment to making it a memorable experience for the kids…and also the parents”

“He loved learning the sport and playing with his team.”

“They all enjoyed opening day and the final games of the season when they received their trophies. The loudspeaker and announcer was a very nice touch. The kids especially liked hearing their nicknames.”

“She had a great coach and team so she enjoyed the whole season.”

“Both Coaches (Janine and Camille) were excellent and patient. They show up at every practice with such positive energy. We can’t wait for next year! Thank you!!!”

“Seeing old friends and making new friends.”

“Learning how to play softball and making friends.”

“His coach, his team and progressing from a non-player to skilled. His trophy and hearing his nickname on the loudspeaker at the final game.”

“Coach Darrell and Coach Dave were excellent with the kids who aren’t always easy to coach at their age.”

“Parents against kids’ games!!!”

“Improving her skills and making good friends.”

“The out of own Select team tournaments and off-season skills clinics.”

“Coach Nick and Coach Shawn did a great job. My daughter loves to go for games and practices.”

“My son enjoyed both the house league team and the select team. This was my daughter’s first year. She liked the off-season Friday night clinics and just being on a team with the other kids for the first time.”

“The camaraderie of his/hers teammates.”

“Coach Michael Bonello was very instrumental in helping my daughter feel comfortable in the game as it was her first time trying it. He is very good at coaching them new skills at their level without pushing them too much. Just the right combination of encouragement and respect for their learning levels.”

“She loves playing as a group and had a lot of fun as she has had for the past 3 years.”

“She really enjoyed his first year in softball and the encouraging atmosphere created by the team and parents.”

“Playing together as a team and not being left out.”

“She most enjoyed the camaraderie on the girl’s select team. The girls were always happy and cheering each other on despite the outcome of the game.”

Coach John Heiydt made the season fantastic for the girls. He was very supportive, understanding, motivational, and encouraged the girls to always do their best! We are going to miss having him as a coach next season as both my girls will still be in U12 and he’s moving up to U14. Thank you Coach John for all your dedication to our team…it’s volunteers like you that make a big difference in the kids experience with a sport…thank you for the positive impact you had on them!